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Prayers for Healing and Strength

Prayers for Healing and Strength

At the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, our faith community stands united in times of joy and sorrow. Today, we gather in spirit to lift up our members and their loved ones who are experiencing hardship, illness, and loss. Let us come together in prayer, offering our support and compassion.

### Praying for Our Members


Let us extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to Sis. Lydia Marshall in the passing of her brother-in-law, Mr. Frank Marshall Jr. May God's comfort and peace surround Sis. Lydia and her family during this difficult time.

### Prayers for Healing & Strength

- **Deacon Maurice Reid**

- **Fitz Cole**

- **Aquanita Green**, daughter of Audrey Fields

- **Delores Chavis**

- **Laurel Momburn**

- **Sidney Shelby**, nephew of Deacon Steve Cromity

- **Brenda Perry**, sister of Diane Seale-Redman

- **Gregory Wren**

- **Irene Logan**

- **Michelle Adams**, cousin of Gloria Dupree

- **Frankie Smith**

- **Deacon Hipolito Manzo**

- **Deacon Elsie Scott**

- **Shirelle Gamble**

- **Ike Gamble**

- **Sister Emma Felix**

- **Mary Griffin**

- **Pamela Robinson**, sister of Minister Vernon Robinson

- **Emma Miller**

- **Loraine McInnis**

- **Niquonia Bell**

- **Tony Mann**, nephew of Jessie Waters

- **Kassidy Frevert**

- **Diane Cuffee**

- **Carmen Rudder**

- **Carlinda Flemmings**

- **Ray Brooker**

- **Susie King**, mother of Jahana King

- **Jahana King**

- **Sister Pamela Alexander**

- **Edna Hinton**

- **Jamal Murray**, nephew of Ella Murray

- **Naleeya Wimbush**, granddaughter of Carolyn Murray

- **Staraisa Cruz**, granddaughter of Naomi Isler

- **Chantell Isler**, granddaughter of Naomi Isler

- **Inez Thomas**, sister of Deacon Juanita Anderson

- **Minister Vernon Robinson** (Home)

- **Thelma Holder** (Home)

- **Usher Kathleen Johnson**

- **John and Corine Britt**, parents of Cookie and Sarah Britt

- **Clara Garner**, mother of Cassandra Vaughan

- **Yainalya Wilson**, granddaughter of Al and Doris Wilson

- **Usher Pearl Massey**

- **Shilekka McKwen and LaShaunda McKewn**, daughters of Robin Cedeno Dillhunt

- **Deacon Verona Hollis**

- **Ruth Jones**, the mother of Elizabeth Armfield

- **Ernest Sharperson**, brother of Min. Vernon Robinson

- **Jean Henry**, mother of Mary Gross

- **Rev. Marcus Fye**, brother of Lorene Fye-Berry (In Rehab)

- **Isolina McClure**, mother of Leslie McClure

- **Crystal Dupree**, daughter of Gloria Dupree

- **Ritchia Smith**

- **Elizabeth Waddy**

### In Continuous Care

Let us also remember those who are in continuous care, praying for their ongoing strength and healing:

- **Brenda Frazier**

- **Al Robinson**

- **Rhoda Howard**

- **Deacon Esther Tyler**

- **Jessica Jacques**

### A Prayer for Our Community

Heavenly Father, we come before You with hearts full of compassion and love for our church family. We ask for Your healing touch upon those who are ill, Your comfort for those who are grieving, and Your strength for those who are caring for loved ones. Surround them with Your peace and let them feel Your presence in their lives. May Your grace and mercy be upon us all, as we continue to support and uplift one another in faith. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.


Let us continue to hold each other in prayer, offering our support and love as we navigate life's challenges together. Stay blessed and keep the faith.

**The First Baptist Church of Crown Heights**

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