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$100 for ANYONE getting their first dose at sites using

Who qualifies to receive the $100 pre-paid debit card?

• On Wednesday, July 28, the Mayor announced a universal $100 for individuals who get their

first vaccine dose at a New York City-run vaccine location. As of Friday, July 30, 2021, individuals

can get a $100 pre-paid debit card by going to for redemption.

• As an alternative to the $100, they can also select from one of the following: NYC Football Club

Tickets, Statue of Liberty tickets, 2-week Citibike membership, Brooklyn Cyclones tickets, NYC

Ferry 10-Ride Pass, NYC Public Markets gift cards ($25), Snug Harbor family membership, Family

fun wristband and free ride on the Cyclone at Luna Park in Coney Island

• Details of available incentives while supplies last than can be found at the vaccine incentives


How do individuals redeem their $100?

• Once someone's first COVID-19 vaccine dose is complete, they will receive an email with a link


• The incentive was announced on Wednesday, July 28. The option to select the $100 pre-paid

debit card will not be live until Friday July 30. Providers should be clear with all of their patients

during this time period: if an individual receives their first dose on July 28 or 29, they should

wait until Friday July 30 to go to to redeem their $100 pre-

paid debit card incentive.

• On the website, individuals will be asked to enter their first dose appointment number, first

name, last name, date of birth, and home zip code to get access to the menu where they can

choose the $100 pre-paid debt card.

o Virtual Card (Email Address Required): If the patient has an email address, they can

select the virtual card option. When they select this option, they will receive an email

with a unique redemption code. Individuals should click the link in the email to be taken

to the website where they will need

to enter the redemption code, name, email address, and phone number. Once they

input this information they will automatically receive their $100 pre-paid virtual debit

card which they can use online or in physical locations by adding to a digital wallet such

as Apple Wallets.

o Physical Card (Email Address Not Required): If the patient does not have an email

address, they should select the physical card option. The card will be mailed to the

address they input when they made their appointment.

§ TO COME: If individuals do not have a physical or email address, we will be

setting up walk-in pickup sites in the coming days. An announcement will be

made when they are available and the information for locations and hours will

be on There will be multiple pickup sites in each


• The third party card provider Akimbo will not receive any information about vaccination status.

• Individuals do not need an email address to claim their incentives. They can just go directly to

• Patients will also be able to continue to opt into and utilize the Bonus Referral Program

for organizations, which allows any organization to get $100 for referring a patient that

gets their first dose, in addition to this incentive and others available.

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Raquely Bueno
Raquely Bueno
Dec 24, 2021

no quiere déjame entra a la tarjeta

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