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Men's Day 2023

On Sunday, October 15, a special celebration awaits at the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights – it’s Men’s Day! We are excited to extend an invitation to one and all for this vibrant celebration that honors and uplifts the men in our church and the wider community.

A day of great joy and inspiration is on the horizon, with Reverend Stephen Green gracing us as our Guest Preacher. Rev. Green, a dynamic and uplifting voice from St. Luke AME Church in Harlem, New York, will be at the helm, sharing a powerful message that promises to be both encouraging and transformative. Known for his engaging and insightful preaching style, Rev. Green is sure to deliver a word that will resonate with everyone in attendance, offering guidance and inspiration for the journey of faith.

Men’s Day at First Baptist Church of Crown Heights is not just a celebration of the male members of our congregation; it’s also an acknowledgment and appreciation of the broader roles that men play in our communities. Whether as fathers, brothers, sons, or leaders, men contribute significantly to the tapestry of our community life, and this special day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating these contributions.

This event is an opportunity for reflection, celebration, and fellowship as we acknowledge the strength, resilience, and spirituality of men. It's a day to honor their consistent efforts, celebrate their victories, and reflect on the invaluable roles they play. The service aims to empower and inspire, offering a space for men to come together in a spirit of brotherhood and unity.

But the celebration extends beyond the men; it invites participation from everyone, making it a communal event where we collectively appreciate the dedication and service of men in our spiritual community and beyond. So, this invitation goes out to every member of the community, irrespective of gender. Let’s come together to make this a memorable and uplifting event!

Mark the date on your calendar and ensure you’re in attendance on October 15 at First Baptist Church of Crown Heights. It’s a day of recognition, appreciation, and spiritual enrichment, with the inimitable Rev. Stephen Green delivering a message that will undoubtedly stay with you long after the service concludes. We look forward to sharing this wonderful day of celebration and recognition with you! See you there!

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